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Printovate Photo Print

Client’s requirement was to develop a web application for Photographers to get their photos printed as Photo Books. Using the software professional photo studios/freelance photographers can register in the portal. After their Profile gets approved, they can upload their event pictures and get printed as exclusive photo books.

At KAPTAS We have proposed a Cloud based web application portal with PHP Laravel as backend framework & HTML, CSS, Javascript as frontend along with MySQL as Database.

Core Functionalities Implemented

Photo Studio / Freelance Photographers will sign up using the portal. The application is subject to approval form the Backend Team after verification. Once the profile is verified, The Studio / Freelance Photographers can select the Photo books from the list and choose the available variations like sheets type, cover, bag etc. The Amount will be calculated as per the selection & payment needs to be done via online. Once after the payment happens, the customer will be directed to the Photo upload page where they have to upload their Album photos. The customer can track their Order status & get the Photo Book delivered. A QR code will be generated & printed on the Photo Book where in the end Customers can scan the QR Code & view the e-album.

An admin web application is created as a backend to manage the customers & orders. The types of Photo Books and the variations, prices, sheet types, cover type etc can be managed via backend application. When a Photo Book is created, the same will be reflected in the Front end website. The Admins can view the registered customers, verify & approve / reject them. Orders can be received from approved customers. The album will be available as a .zip file which can be downloaded for printing. Unique Job ID & Order ID will be generated & the Order status can be changed as per the progress. Once the Phone Book is ready, the admin will upload a pdf file of the album in the backend which will create an e-album and the QR code will be generated respectively. The QR code will get printed on the Photo Book where customers can scan & view the photos via e-album. The status will mark as delivered while the Photo Book is dispatched via Courier and the details will be entered in the system. Customers can also visit the store directly & receive the Photo Book.


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