Orbito Asia Health Care

The Mobile application is developed for one of the Leading Medical Laboratory in Coimbatore.
The lab has multiple collection centers across the state. The App has many features which
includes, Create an Inquiry from Mobile & web app and assign to Collection centers. The
Collection center heads can assign the enquiry to Phlebotomists. Phlebotomist then gets a
notification in Mobile app. Then he collects the blood samples of Patients assigned to him. The
Center head gets a notification for every sample collected. Then center head creates a lot of
sample collected by phlebotomist. Logistics details (By Courier or By Bus) of the Lots is
entered in Mobile app with its delivery details. The Lab then tracks the Lot & get it to Lab for
processing. Admin can manage all the center heads and phlebotomist details and reports
through web application.


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