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Villagers India Ecommerce & Retail

An Award-Winning Eco-Friendly Product Manufacturer wanted to enhance their Business onto Online Shopping that will facilitate them to upload new Coconut Shell Products, get enquiries and improve the Sales. They also required a Web solution with the improved Functionalities for Product Zoom, Product Compare, and Advanced Search Filter.

Business Analyst Team at KAPTAS Technologies, gathered all their needs, analyzed the Software Requirements & Challenges to build a Web Solution for Selling Coconut Shell Handicrafts. Then, we recommended the Client to choose WordPress for Search Engine Optimized eCommerce Website.

Analyzing their Business Goals & latest eCommerce trends, our WordPress Website Developers built a simple & user-friendly Website to showcase their Products and help Customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience. The improved Architecture and Navigation provides the Website Visitors a frictionless User Experience. Customers can easily explore blogs, search products, make a Product Favorite and buy Products with a secured Payment Gateway integration.

Social Networks like Instagram help Retail Businesses to sell products online, improve the brand awareness and get long-term Customers. Identifying the Marketing needs, we suggested our client to create a Profile on Instagram that would help them to reach their Target Audience and accomplish their Goal- Avoid Plastics, Go eco-Friendly.


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