Printovate Photo Print

Printovate is a end-to-end customized portal solution designed exclusively for photographers to get their photographs printed.
The company is a photobook manufacturing company who manufactures photobooks in India.For quite some years, they were operating offline and with this innovative solution, they were able to reach Pan India. 

• One of the most important features of online photo printing services is their upload interface. Photographers can easily get fed up with the process with an easy-to-use setup.This has made the picture-to-print process much quicker and provides an option to customize the packages provided with related prices.
• With Printovate, you control your data by using powerful AWS services and tools to determine where your data is stored, how it is secured, and who has access to it. You can almost categorize with a choice of different size and model prints.
• Admin console lets you help with the roles and permission to be given to the photographers and employees with limiting access.
• Also, you can use Printovate for sharing digital copies of the photographs to the clients using a QR code or link generated. So you can upload and share images from their site and this is handy for sharing pictures with clients.
• Printovate also has Studio/Direct-client address delivery options if you’re rushed to send out prints. The Client delivery option helps to send the print to clients directly and the Studio delivery option lets photographers get the printed album.
• It also creates and sends invoices in GST format in just seconds which will help the business stay GST Compliance.
• You can also see other features like Dashboards, Customer approvals, Order management module and customization of Reports.

Overall, Printovate’s online printing service that KAPTAS has created provides a fantastic process that’s well thought out.

Photographers application–upon approval–username will be generated–login–orientation with customized packages will be selected–order summary–payment made–print completed–QR code with link will be printed in cover to get digital copy of the album.


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