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Hitchahual Logistics

HitchaHaul – is an Arizona based logistics company that provides rental vehicles/trucks of various sizes to its customers based on their requirement. A Customer at sometime will purchase a product/thing that can’t fit into the car. There will be a need at this time to hire a vehicle for the customer to transport the goods to a particular destination.

This application is developed in Android application. Customer app includes the modules like booking vehicles, track vehicle, payment, etc., The customer will be prompted to pay the estimated tariff via mobile. Driver app contains the modules like Accept booking, tracking customer location, etc.,The driver also has the option to cancel the trip request. Then the request will be passed on to the next nearest driver.

The Web Application is developed to control the application using the technologies such as Expressjs, Angularjs and Mongo DB. The Admin can manage the Vehicles, Customers and Drivers.


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