Food Delivery Software Solution Food Delivery

KAPTAS has developed an in-house food delivery app for a prominent restaurant in Dubai that is available as a web & mobile application; built in both Android & iOS platforms

• It allows users to make food orders with an option for delivery and pick-up.
• Users can adjust the geo-location marker if they want to narrow/widen the delivery locations.
• Hassle-free payments as it has been integrated with prominent payment gateways options. Integrated with Etisalat Payment Gateway for a smooth Payment system.
• Exclusive features like Table reservation, Franchise Enquiries and Feedback options are also a part of this application.
• Modules built for upcoming events and announcements are also provided for the customer reference.
• App also offers menu items with various categories to add-ons options.
• Users in the application can set the restaurant’s opening and closing time for them to accept orders.
• Customization options and Dynamic availability of with Daily special foods for delivery is also built when developing this application.
• Restaurant can set its availability times and off-days to disable the delivery options.
• It also provides different coupons and offers options for customers to choose the best availability to taste with continent payment options.
• No minimum order rates included.
• App facilitates them to increase business sales and increase turnover.
• Customized Sales reports can be generated and sent automatically.

We’ve built the design, structure and architecture of the web & mobile application and handled the entire analysis,design and functionality.


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